Woman left in stitches at her cat’s unenthusiastic response to his new toy

Cats are famed for their ‘don’t give a hoot attitude.’

Some owners are lucky enough to get a snuggly moggie, that shows love.

But many have a general air of not caring about you, your hopes and dreams, thoughts or cares.

Really, it’s part of their charm.

Even when you’ve spent your pennies buying them lovely toys, it doesn’t guarantee any show of affection or enjoyment.

One woman was left in stitches after her efforts to entertain her moggie didn’t go down well.

In a viral video she shared on TikTok, owner Casey joked: “Odin’s not having a good day.”

The electronic toy sees ‘butterflies’ spin around, which the cat is meant to playfully swipe at.

But not if you’re Odin. If you’re Odin, you’re too cool for school.

The ginger moggie barely moved after being swiped by the toy repeatedly, before finally deigning to acknowledge it.

The description for the product states: “The Whirling Wiggler butterflies provide “lifelike” flying action, the movement and vibration of the wings will appeal to your cat’s senses, the sliding wire allows a variety of ways for the butterflies to chase and play.”

But if Casey showed the video of Odin’s reaction to the store, she could probably secure a refund.

The video left people in stitches, and it racked up more than one million views on TikTok.

One viewer joked: “Cat is feeling emo today.”

Another joked: “The last hit was the final straw for him,” while another asked: “Why does the car look like he’s going through a midlife crisis?”

In a follow-up video, Casey reassured everyone that Odin was fine, he just didn’t like the toy and showed a video of him jumping up to swipe at a bird on the end of a wire.

She added: “Some people are worried about the health of my cat. He is in fact a very healthy cat. He was just completely underwhelmed by the toy.”