Man refuses to be godfather to his best friend’s child due to ‘ridiculous’ list of demands

A man has been labelled as ‘selfish’ after refusing to be the godfather to his best friend’s child – after being given a legally binding contract and a ‘ridiculous’ list of demands.

The man, who has remained anonymous, said that he and his wife met a couple around nine years ago and since then they have become firm friends.

So it came as no great shock when the man was asked to be godfather to the couple’s expected child, and the man was thrilled to accept.

But then he was stunned when an envelope was delivered containing a legally binding contract and a long list of demands – including that the man become Catholic and gift the child nearly £18,000.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the man said that his wife and his friend’s wife are from the same country, the Philippines, and that the man doesn’t have any family left of his own.

As such, they had no one else they could ask to be the godfather to their child, who the man called ‘Jane’ for the sake of the post.

He wrote: “The husband asked me if I could be Jane’s godfather. To note they are Catholic. I was honoured. My friend was thrilled and the next day he dropped off an envelope with some papers in it.

“After he left I looked and it was a legal contract that I needed to sign in order to be the godfather.

“Obviously I thought it was a bit overboard but gave it a read anyways. It has many things I MUST do as a godfather. Such as I must go to every catholic event in which Jane attends such as christening, confession, confirmation, etc.

“Which I know are normal events for a Catholic child’s life. Not a big deal. Then we get into ridiculous things – I have to consider ‘becoming Catholic’, I must give a gift of at least $500 (£354) for each of these events, and on birthdays/Christmas, gifts must be cash only and over $250 (£177).

“Oh no, it gets worse. I am expected to save at least $25,000 (£17,700) (over Jane’s 18 years) and set it aside for Jane’s future college tuition. Her parents will provide the rest. Seriously?!?

“The list goes on to include various things such as being willing to cancel any plans I have if they need me to watch Jane or if they go on vacation (apparently Jane can’t go?). Many of the other things on the list were silly or not a big deal (like spending time with her once a week).”

The man said how he then called his friend and explained that he couldn’t sign the contract as it was too demanding, and the friend soon became angry.

He continued: “He essentially told me he thought I was a ‘good guy’ but it was apparent I was selfish. He has since blocked my number and my email. His wife has too.

“Since he ended things, I shredded the papers he gave me and left them in a bag and put it in his mailbox for him, telling him it was a shame he ruined a friendship over ridiculous demands. I told him I forgive him regardless.”

After sharing the post online, Reddit users were quick to defend the man’s actions – adding that he wasn’t in the wrong for refusing.

One said: “Haha! Wait you’re serious? AHAHAHA! Sounds like they think you’re a sucker and want to use you as a free ATM machine.

“They want you to pony up at least 25 thousand dollars for future college fund? No no, they want you to just pay for their kid while they can spend their own money on whatever they want.”

Another posted: “Putting 25,000 away for a child’s college tuition that isn’t even yours is a HUGE ask.

“I’ve never heard of a godparent giving so much money at every event and they really shouldn’t be surprised that you didn’t go through with it.

“Most people wouldn’t be able to handle that financial burden and they’re going to learn that the hard way. I’m sorry that this situation ruined your friendship and hopefully they’ll see just how much of a selfish a*e they’re being”

While another added: “You didn’t refuse to become Jane’s godfather – you refused to sign a crazy and completely unacceptable ‘contract’. That is not a normal part of becoming a godfather under any tradition.”