Woman ‘publicly humiliates’ mum of daughter’s bully after she refuses to step in

For parents, there’s arguably nothing worse than knowing your child is getting picked on by other kids, and there’s very little you can do about it.

One woman, however, decided to take matters into her own hands, when her eight-year-old daughter B started coming home from school crying every day because of a mean bully. According to B, one girl in particular, H, was being really mean to her, despite never being violent.

“The teacher was fortunately really nice about this and said she would read this story about bullying in class and, if necessary, talk to H in private about the situation. She did both, but unfortunately it did absolutely nothing,” the mum explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“So the teacher asked me if I would like her to mediate a meeting between me and H’s parents, if they agreed to it. They didn’t. So basically, I had no other choice but trying to talk to them directly.”

The woman was able to find H’s mum’s number through a parent group chat they all use for school functions and other communications regarding their children’s school.

“H’s mum is on that group chat, so I pulled her number from there and sent her a text, explaining the situation and asking her if it was possible for her to talk to H about it or, maybe, if she wanted to, we could all meet up to try and work it out,” she explained.

“Literally, the only answer I got from her was something along the lines of ‘this is normal kid behaviour and you’ll see it when you have more parenting experience’.”

When the woman tried to talk to H’s mum further she was told, “you’re harassing me,” so she stopped all contact and the bullying continued.

“So, I took it to the group chat. I straight up got on there and said that my daughter was being bullied and that I was only taking it to the group chat because I had tried to handle this privately and the parents weren’t willing to do anything about it,” she continued.

“At this point, I hadn’t named any names. I immediately got an outpour of sympathy and support from other parents and a lot of ‘if it’s ever my kid, please let me know’ and it was genuinely moving.”

However, things took a turn when H’s mum sent her a message saying, “we have talked about this,” before chiming in with a comment saying “bullying is never okay,” in the group.

“I was honestly so angry I quoted her and said something like, ‘you gotta be kidding me,’ which obviously gave it away. The group chat went crickets after that, but she sent me a chain of really angry private messages saying I had publicly humiliated her and made her look bad in front of the other parents, giving her and her child a bad reputation at this school she’ll be going to for years.”

While the woman said she felt somewhat vindicated, she does feel a little bad for H for calling her out in front of all the other kids’ parents, leaving her questioning whether she had done the right thing.

“Oh it’s impressive how the daughter takes after the mum,” one Reddit user commented. “This is a perfect illustration of generational behavioural issues.”

Meanwhile, another added: “She lied on group chat and then privately got mad about it. Sounds like mum knows what she’s doing but doesn’t like being held accountable.”