ASOS customers baffled by jeans as some joke they’re ‘perfect for people with IBS’

Thanks to the recent improvement in the weather, many of us are finally able to finally remove the heavy winter coats.

If you’re amongst those lucky enough to finally get some sun, then you may have been browsing ASOS for some new garments.

But a pair of jeans advertised on their website has recently left people in hysterics.

The unusual outfit in question looks pretty normal from the front, but the view from the back tells a different story.

The zipper at the front of the jeans doesn’t come to an end after a few inches but follows around to the top of the back waistband.

The unusual feature was clearly meant to accentuate the buyer’s derrière, but left people joking that they’re perfect for IBS sufferers.

According to the listing on the website, the jeans are out of stock at the moment – so maybe they are a surprise hit.

Instagram account @ asbos_sos, which records some of the companies more eccentric designs shared a photo of the jeans.

‘Hats off to ASOS for finally acknowledging their IBS [ irritable bowel syndrome ] audience,’ the jokey caption read, with the hashtags “#a*sezip” and “#whenugottagougottago”

The post, which has racked up more than 2,400 ‘likes’ since it was uploaded on Monday, attracted some brilliant comments

One woman joked: “Finally, I feel seen.”

One mum admitted: “After having a kid, I need these for emergencies.”

Meanwhile, one woman was left crushed after seeing Coronation Street’s Gail Platt wearing a jumper she’d recently purchased.

She was so upset in fact, that she returned the jumper to the charity shop she’d recently purchased it from, leaving staff in stitches.

Staff member Kat shared the hilarious moment on Twitter, adding: “This is genuinely one of the best refund excuses I’ve ever had. What’s wrong with our ICONIC Gail wearing it?”